Dashboard Development, Simplified

Why reinvent the wheel when Django Dashboards does the heavy lifting for you? Condense hundreds of lines into just a few with our open source tool. Built by developers, for developers.

django dashboards

Why django dashboards?

Less code

Build dashboards with less code, in a Django-like way

Built in Components

Ready to use HTML/CSS components for Text, Maps, Charts and more

Out the box frontend

Allows you to build dashboards with Python and only a splash of HTML, leveraging HTMX for a modern UI.

Open Source

BSD licensed, meaning you can use it commercially

Why we created Django Dashboards

As Django developers, we have extensive experience of custom dashboard creation. We know it can be a complex and time-consuming job - tackling multifaceted challenges like data integration, visualisation techniques, performance optimisation and responsiveness, not to mention lengthy coding requirements.

We wanted (and searched for!) an open-source framework that would simplify and streamline the dashboard process. When we couldn’t find what we needed, we developed our own - and Django Dashboards was born.

Get started with Django Dashboards

It’s easy to get started with Django Dashboards:

Try our demo Read the docs Get the code

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